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We uncover how the world's women feel about their breasts. 我們現在要揭露世界各區域的女人對他們的胸部感到如何, 滿不滿意~~

More than any other body part, breasts have divided the world: some nations condemn them as "taboo" and indecent, while others celebrate them as cultural - or even spiritual - icons. As Karen Ashley, Triumph Australia's national sales and marketing manager, asserts, "There is no other body part that is more in the spotlight than a woman's breasts." Billion-dollar industries have centred on their ability to sell everything from sex and lingerie to cars and power tools. They can stop traffic, create headlines, boost showbiz careers and spark controversy. We take a peek at a few fast facts...

相較於身體的其他部位, 在一些比較保守的國家, 談論到胸部 有些人可能會避諱或是認為~~哇~~你好下流, 但是有些國家, 卻對胸部的大小, 來表以歌頌~~哇~~你胸部好大好正好每!!  但是女性的身體部位, 沒有其他部分比胸部更為人注目, 因為它們還是大頭燈, 探照的大地呀~~~ 好啦, 其他不是重點不需要翻譯!!

USA: 70% of American women admit they are unhappy with the size of their bust. (有70%的美國女性承認對自己胸部尺寸不滿意)

Africa: The baring of breasts is a traditional form of public protest by women in Africa, a way of saying: "Listen to us - we're your mothers!"  (阿~~因為非洲國家基於傳統形式上的的保護, 那只能用先用一句話來形容: 您們要聽我們的, 因為我們是您們的阿母咧‘~~~~我覺得應該說, 非洲有誰在穿胸罩的~~哪個不是開開 (八), 或是貼個葉子沙龍包包, 應該就是這樣啦~~~大地之母)

South America: With a total of 192, Brazil has the world's largest network of breast-milk banks.  (巴西果真是乳牛銀行....XDD...看看Victory Secrect 的秀展, 有多少內衣名模來自巴西~~~~)

UK: The average woman wears a 12DD bra, making the UK the international cup-size capital.  (wow..12DD bra => 英國 34E, 亞洲區 日本尺寸75F  美國34d DD)  好雄偉~~~

Japan: Japan sells the highest number of small bra cup sizes in the world.  (日本是全世界銷售小尺寸胸罩最多的國家,  原來日本cup都是虛報的)

China China ranks #1 in the world for the number of breast augmentation surgeries. (我不知道這樣貼會不會被眾多女性砲轟, 但是, 中國區卻是全世界豐胸手術最多個的區域......kkkk...假奶很多)  

Australia: 14c is the average bra size today, says Triumph's the shape report. It's a big change: in 2000, 12b was the average; in 1960 it was 10b.  (現在澳洲的平均size是14C,黛安芬內衣胸罩品牌指出這個數據溜~~~這對從2000年到現在是個大改變, 因為當時平均數據是12B , 而1960年 才10B) ==> 焦糖說, 澳洲女性的營養真的越來越好呀~~

How do we feel about our breasts?  那我們女性對胸部怎麼看法~~

24% of women think that their breasts are too small. 有24%的女性認為胸部太小

16% would go under the knife to increase their bust size.  16%的打算去進行手術 up撲 up 撲

20% think that their breasts are too large. 20%覺得胸部太大

12% would have surgery to make their breasts smaller.  12% 想要縮胸

44% of us think they are just right.  44% 認為size 嘟嘟好  (我就是這樣覺得 : D)  

With a whopping 78ZZZ bra size, adult-entertainment star Norma Stitz has long held the Guinness World Record as the woman with the world's biggest natural breasts. Stitz has vowed to never have them reduced, even though they weigh more than 18kg each.

Norma Stitz => 應該說成人電影明星借得大胸部女星, "驚世"世界紀錄目前為止, 胸部天然ㄟ~~~最大記錄, 每一顆都有超過18kg...不會粉辛苦嗎?? 反正男人不懂~~ 


In the past 50 years, bra sizes have tripled, with up to 40 per cent of Australian and New Zealand women now buying bras that have a cup size of DD or higher.

Experts blame the boost on obesity, the Pill and nutrition (we're eating up to four times more pork and chicken than 50 years ago). Plus puberty is starting earlier in girls, at around age 10.

A surgical breast-reduction procedure (which can help decrease back and neck strain) costs up to $12,500 in Australia, but Medicare and health funds may halve the expense



看完樓上的文章, 亞洲女性有沒有要平反的~~~

反正我要說的重點是, 國外說, ,中國人胸部都是假的居多, 很多都是豐胸的啦~~~~~ 日本人的size 平均最小, 大胸部不多, 很多都是騙人滴~~我覺得韓國人雖然很愛整形, 但是我去韓國要買胸罩真的很難買...因為好看的只有A和B/////  但是~~我想問的是, 大小的定義??? 是男人評斷還是女人自己看?? 

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